What Do People Who've Bought From Us Think?


Its great, its really is even for a Saturday Morning!
Come early you wont forget coming here.
Burchmore's has the best reputation.
I have been to other auctions, but I like the way they do it here.
When my husband and I got there in the morning to take possession of our vehicle we were assisted by friendly staff that made us feel at ease. We were assisted speedily and with a smile. I now realise why Burchmore is so successful because of the service and happy staff. Happy staff ensures happy customers as these positive attitudes are also rubbed of the customers. We bought another vehicle from Burchmores a few years ago and were met with the same positive energy and pleasant service. > > The staff at Burchmore's are real assets to their company and are living the brand. They are customer centric and with attitudes like theirs they can only grow from strength to strength. > > Keep up the good work and continue delighting your external and internal customers. Keep that positive, energetic and great spirit you have for customer service. You will go far if you continue what you are doing currently as it is positive energy that can easily rub off your colleagues and customers. > > Keep it up, you rock!
Excellent service given to my wife and myself at your auction house. We purchased a vehicle on Sat 27 August and took delivery of the vehicle today. Your staff were very helpful in every way . Keep up the good work. Thank you Burchmores.
I had excellent service at Burchmore's. I was served by Rose Ramokoka from the Financing section and this is my second purchase through Burchmores I am really happy with the service culture “ its top class” , makes one want to buy cars everyday.
Let me start off by saying you have been AMAZING!!! Your assistance , your personality , your patients and your warm heart!! Its been forever since I have had such good service… you really made me feel at home!! Loved it! And Thank you for that.
I would like to thank Rose for the good work ethics, for making my transaction a success with your skill and diligence. I hope that Bidvest Burchmore's realize that they an excellent employee in you.

Cape Town

They have been in the business for a long time.
You can get what you want and even determine your own price.
Easy registration process and quick.
Tried and tested from me comfortable!
Thank you for your assistance and your friendly manner during the auction process and ultimate purchase of the Volvo. It is much appreciated
Once again thank you for the kindness and smiles. I once again viewed the vehicles on Friday and was hartly greeted. Saturday same story. From the moment I walked in I was greeted and welcomed. Thank you Tazwell for the hallo and smile even outside the building. It makes a person feel welcome. The staff seemed well educated and trained to work with clients. We all have our ups and downs in business but I can see your company is very strict on rules and regulations. This is a good feature however. That way we all have a job and a company to run. Once again a big thank you and see you on the 28th.
Thank you for the great service we received from Burchmore staff on Saturday. Being very new to your process we were very anxious. Jolene was a a real star and made us feel right at home. Thanks for the great service
This little note is to explain my first hand experience at a Burchmores Cape Town vehicle auction and includes comparison with the other main vehicle auctioneer in Cape Town. On arrival the day before the auction i was impressed with the layout of the venue, it being constructed with a grandstand & bench seats to enable participants to be comfortably seated whilst the vehicles being auctioned were displayed by driving them past the grandstand. It was interesting to note that the vehicles to be auctioned were all nicely cleaned up , giving the impression that they were cared for , not simply standing in a hugely overheated & dusty warehouse as is the case with the opposition. Each vehicle was clearly labelled , detailing the lot number, & listing its contents. There was far less stock than the opposition, but the stock did seem to be much cleaner , with far less “junk” than their opposition. What was nice to note was that there were refreshment facilities in the form of a little tuck shop inside the facility as well as clean public restrooms. The warehouse itself was nice & clean. Whilst busy looking through the stock of vehicles to be auctioned the manager, Darryl Jacobsen ,walked up & introduced himself & made us feel at home. I was given a stock listing & went through the registration process with a staff member Warren Tamlin, who made me feel like a valued client. The registration process was smooth & well thought out, with even the refund system favoring the client, in that they could just slip the auction number under the glass window & exit the building, with the knowledge that the staff would process the refund into the clients account !!! Totally painless. The auction itself was conducted the way it should be done, very professionally & smoothly, Darryl never rushed any client/bidder through the bidding process, in fact he often stopped the auction to enable everyone to be on the same page & sure about what they were doing. In this manner even a “newbie” like me soon felt at home & joined in on the actual fun of bidding on vehicles which i had an interest in. The auction went smoothly and being able to sit on the grandstand to view the vehicles as they were driven by was in my opinion a far superior & more comfortable option than their opposition. I soon felt at ease & will most certainly attend more auctions at Burchmores Cape town. Thank you very much for making the experience a pleasant one. Kind regards & Best wishes to Darryl, Warren & Team, in my opinion you guys are doing a great job.


Part of the Bidvest group!
You get better deals on auction than going to a dealer, the price is something that drives you to come here.
If I compare to other dealers or auctioneers, their cars are in very good condition and reliable.
Good Value for Money.
I’d like to express my sincere word of gratitude in the manner in which you have handled my issue, it really shows great concern not only for your business but for your customers. I know it wasn’t an easy call to make but you managed to come up with a positive response to my request which I greatly appreciate. As indicated in our discussion when you called earlier, I shall be glad to receive a documented response to this effect. Once more thank you for coming to my rescue when I needed you most – it’s through such efforts that the organisations we serve prosper!
I was at Burchmore's for the first time on Friday and came in to see the IX35. I did not know the procedure or the going of the auction at Burchmores, The first desk I saw was MS Thea, I asked a few questions< got my answers. But I have to admit she had a positive attitude at 13h00 on a Friday, she was friendly and very helpful. I watched come out and assist a potential buyer for the Jaguar and with the same attitude. So well done to Ms Thea, in this day where service delivery is at an all-time low in South Africa, it is good to see people still have a passion for what they do. Well done Burchmore's and Team NB:- I did not manage to come through the next day but will definitely be there on your next auction.